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JS02 Evaporation Material is the crystal Ti3O5 researched and developed by our company independently with patent protection which is mainly applied for the coating of antireflection films and multilayers. The product has the following advantages: uniform components without the common black impurity phase; good crystallization, uneasy for breaking; large density and low deflation; good-operability-coating, intensive, uniform and stable film.


Basic Properties:

 Formula  Refractive Index (550nm)  Color  Purity  Melting Point  Density  Evaporation Temperature  Product Form
Ti3O5   2.35 Purple    99.9%  1860ºC  4.60g/cm3  1800-2000°C   0.4-4.0mm


Optical Properties:


Evaporation conditions: K9 glass substrate; substrate temperature 250°C , oxygen partial pressure 1.7×10-2Pa,deposition rate 0.5 nm/s


The absorption coefficient  for films of Substance JS02


The refractive index for films of Substance JS02


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